The Struggle With Sugar

If you want to eat less sugar, especially to avoid triggering a binge, and you are curious about what to eat for snacks, start here.

 The Rysp offers a way to help you transition into eating heathier snacks, especially if you’re used to eating processed, packaged goodies like granola bars, crisps and biscuits between meals

In many cultures, we equate snacks with “treats” – chocolate, muffins, biscuits, ice cream, crisps, crackers, and all sorts of tasty things that come in boxes and packages. So when you’re cutting down on sugar, and eating more unprocessed, whole foods, you may feel stumped about what snacking can look like.

It may help to separate the notion of ‘treats’ and ‘snack’ and think of snacks as a mini meal – an opportunity to nourish the body when it’s hungry. A treat is just that – a treat.

You may find that as you eat less sugar and fewer processed foods that your blood sugar stabilizes and that you feel more satisfied by your meals

The Rysp is simple, real food that’s  ideal for your quest to eat less sugar. Try it with peanut butter, guacamole or hummus for a nutritious snack to take you over that afternoon slump.