Sampling Time

Tom, our Head baker is having a very busy April! He has and will be travelling around the country spreading the Rysp word. 

  • WholeFoods Market at Stoke Newington and Piccadilly will be hosting Tom on Friday 8th April
  • Saturday 9th April will see him at WholeFoods Market, Richmond and Sunday 10th Kensington
  • The Farm Shop and Deli Show in Birmingham is your chance to meet other members of the PlainTasty Team, Jack and Vicki will be talking all things sourdough and rye on Stand E209
  • Bents home and Garden in Warrington have joined our happy gang and Tom will be with them on April 24th with shed loads of Rsyp for sampling.

A busy month, but Tom loves to get out and hear what people love about our tasty Rysp.